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We have the years, the experience and the fight to get you what you deserve. If you don’t believe us, see what we’ve accomplished for these veterans. 


I was diagnosed with PTSD 40 years ago after serving in the Vietnam War. I could never get anything from the VA. The Vietnam Veterans of America asked Jim if he could take my case. I was so happy! Within 4 months Mr. Wardell got my claim granted. I was awarded over $220,000 of retro pay. My family and I don’t have to be homeless anymore.
— Donald Wright. Vietnam War.

Jim Wardell is fantastic. He’s down-to-earth, professional and a wonderful person. I had been denied for 3 years from the VA. Jim got me from a 30 percent on PTSD to a 70 percent.
— Ken Greenlee. Served 23 years.

Jim has always treated me like family and made me feel the best. I was denied PTSD and a couple of other injuries. He made sure I was back paid $28,000 for the last 5 years. He is actually still helping me fight for the benefits I deserve. Within 6 months of working with Jim I had a rating.
— James Romero. Active duty 2005-2010.

He’s been wonderful. Without him, I would still be working and so would my wife. I would be nowhere. I couldn’t fight them. I didn’t know how to fight and he does. He went through all the paperwork with me. I’d been waiting 14 years. Jimmy, I call him Jimmy, well he’s better than sliced bread.
— Gaylord Walter. Korean War.

I can’t say enough about him. I really can’t. He’s a tremendous man. It’s the way he is so respectful of veterans. He’s a genuinely nice person. It’s not just a job for him. He truly believes in what he’s doing.
— Nancy Walter. Gaylord Walter’s wife.

They did an awesome job. It didn’t take that long. My percentage was 50% but I wound up getting 100%. I got a couple of years back paid for that. I got I think roughly $60,000 in back payments. It’s benefited myself, my family, my children.
— Muhammad Ibrahim