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We have the years, the experience, and the fight to get you the VA benefits you deserve. If you don’t believe us, see what we have accomplished for these veterans and read their testimonials.

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I worked with Josh from the firm for my VA disability application. He has been extremely responsive and very knowledgable about the process. Anytime I had questions and needed additional information he was there to help. I highly recommend the firm for any veteran seeking assistance with VA.
Gina Leal
Gina Leal
Jim Wardell is a brilliant attorney. I went to Jim and he fought long and hard for my case. He left no stone unturned. I had herniated discs and he refused to settle for anything less than the large policy limits. He truly cared about my injuries and did not treat me like a number. Jim was always available for me through out my case. I highly recommend Jim and am very grateful he is the one who handled my case. Gina L
Starla Connell
Starla Connell
Mr. Wardell represented a young family member with a DUI and was outstanding. He was very patient, very informative and even took the time to speak to the family member about his impending future. Complete turn around and now, almost 3 years later - he is a home owner and very responsible. Thanks Jim! I refer everyone I know to Jim - he is one of a kind!
John Walkony
John Walkony
In March 2020 I’ve applied for a VA service-connected disability based on my medical conditions after 22 years of service. Initially, the VA awarded 40% total disability for all of my medical issues. However, I thought that my condition was much more severe than the original rating and warranted an appeal. I have reached out to several law firms to present my appeal for my rating, but all have declined to take my case. Fortunately, it did not discourage me to continue my search for a law firm that care about veterans and provide the highest standard of service concerning VA disability issues. Then in early Feb 2021 I contacted Wardell Law Firm and got in touch with Josh Boykin to present my case and ask if he would take my case and help me to file an appeal for increased benefits. Throughout, 2021 he diligently worked my appeal and supplemental filings and as a result, today I’ve been awarded 100% disability. He has diligently worked my case and was always available to answer questions concerning the appeal. Josh’s professionalism and knowledge was beyond my expectation and he was very instrumental for my increased disability rating. He is a very caring person and looking out for the interest and best possible outcome for any veteran that reacquires assistance. I can give my highest and strongest recommendation for Josh and the whole Wardell Law Firm and encourage anyone, who have any difficulty with VA disability issues, to contact them for a top-notch service. 110% satisfied
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith
Jim Wardell is a brilliant lawyer! We are incredibly grateful for his dedication, passion & professionalism. Jim went the extra mile for us and we felt he truly cared for us on a personal level. Jim’s Integretity, humility and persistence cannot be faulted. He was kind and considerate, responsive and empathetic and simply phenomenal from start to finish. Jim achieved the best outcome for us and because of Jim, we saw the light after an especially challenging period. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Respectfully, Lauren
Hank Tendler
Hank Tendler
I hired James Wardell of Tampa as an attorney. I had to take him to arbitration where he was found negligent and had to return part of the large retainer I gave him. I have left long and detailed reviews on several sites (Google included) of the long saga between Mr. Wardell and I, but he goes to great lengths to censor these truths. Without getting too far into the weeds, my case had blatant inconsistencies that were confirmed when raised by a competent attorney. I will not make this review too long because it’s the 5th-6th I’ve left, although none can be found. Don’t hire this man, he is a very bad attorney in my experience. Notice there are multiple gushing reviews by the same person below. Within a week of each other. I assume this is due to my last (deleted) review. If you are trying to pad your Google reviews you can do better. Further proof that Jim does not think very highly of his potential or current clients intellect.
Glenn Goff
Glenn Goff
Best Doggone Lawyer in town. Jim is a stellar tribute to the legal profession. Jim is such a caring lawyer who truly shows the very highest standards in his profession. We have known Jim for many many years and consider him a very dear friend. We have used his services numerous times thru out the years with successful results. Jim and his entire staff has our very highest and most strongest trust and recommendation. Call Jim today ...
Glenn Goff
Glenn Goff
Best Doggone Lawyer in Town. Everyone is like family. Jim Wardell is the most caring and encouraging friendly person you can meet. My Wife and I have great affection for Jim. I have known him and used hi services multiple times thru the years for so many different types of legal and professional services. Jim Wardell is truly the best and has our very strongest and highest recommendations for Jim Wardell and the whole Wardell Law Firm. Your are the Best Jim .!!

At The Wardell Law Firm, we are there fighting with you every step of the way. If you have been denied, are unhappy, or received a low rating on your disability benefits from the Veterans Administration, we are here to help. Contact our VA certified disability attorneys in Tampa today.

1. Call 833-VAFIGHT (833-823-4448).

2. Set up a free consultation.

3. Fight the VA.

4. Pay NO FEE unless benefits are awarded.

If you or someone you know is qualified for VA disability benefits and has been denied, do not hesitate to call us. You fought for us, now it’s our turn to fight for you.

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Tampa VA Disability Lawyers

The Wardell Law Firm are VA certified disability attorneys located in Tampa, Florida. We represent Veterans and servicemembers in all 50 states. If you have been denied VA benefits, or are unhappy with your rating decision, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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