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You fought for us, now let our VA Accredited Lawyers fight for the benefits you earned.

“I was diagnosed with PTSD 40 years ago after serving in the Vietnam War. I was fighting the VA for 30 or 40 years. I could never get a positive response from the Department of Veterans Affairs. They always had different reasons for denying me benefits. The Vietnam Veteran of American Organization asked Jim if he could take my case. I was so happy! It felt like the whole world was sitting on my shoulders, and it had finally been released. Within 4 months Mr. Wardell got my claim granted. I received $104,000. My family and I are so grateful to the Wardell Law Firm. I was proud to serve, and I appreciate the Wardell Law Firm so much. My family and I don’t have to be homeless anymore. I recommend ANY veteran to contact James Wardell. If you want success, get the best. James Wardell Law Firm in Tampa, Florida.”

- Donald Wright. Vietnam War.

“I heard about Jim from a veteran he had helped while I was in Costa Rica. I was hesitant to contact a law firm at first because they can be shady. I decided to contact Jim, and he emailed me back within 30 minutes, and even though I was in Costa Rica he facetimed me to hear my story. Jim has always treated me like family. He is definitely out to help veterans at all costs, and he wants to get them what they deserve. He doesn’t make it all about him. He fights for veterans for all the right reasons. I was denied PTSD and a couple of other injuries. He made sure I was back paid for the last 5 years. He is actually still helping me fight for the benefits I deserve. Within 6 months of working with Jim I had a rating. He kicked my case into gear, and got me over $28,000. I think the VA knows who he is and they know not to mess with him. He is very open and friendly and just a super cool guy.”

James Romero. Active duty 2005-2010.


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